Aloha and bienvenue!

Jen and BradyWe’re Jen and Brady, or as some of our friends call us, Bren. (Everyone has to have a ‘ship’ name, right??) We’ve made a goal to visit all 59 national parks in the United States together in our first ten years together before having children- and then all of them again before our children “leave the nest” (we know, we’re crazy) . We even got engaged in Virgin Islands National Park, and spent our honeymoon in the Tetons. You could say we’re a little obsessed.
No, we aren’t as cool as some people and doing them all at once, but we’re doing them. We’ve got a few under our belts already (we’ve been to many separately, but a reasonable number together) and we’d like to share them here, as well as our future national park adventures! We have a regular blog where we share all manner of adventures, but we’ve reserved this one especially for a collection of our greatest national treasures. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions, comments, warm fuzzies, ideas, whatever! And follow our adventures on Instagram at #BrenNP!

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